We will need a tiny blood sample from your finger (our laboratory provides all collection materials, special postal container and prepaid envelope) – sent to you in the post after the payment of the invoice.

Please note you will need to attach a label with the patient’s name and date of birth to the sample and chack that you have placed the laboratory form to the envelope with the sample.

Video how to collect a sample

For children under 5 years old or if you don’t feel confident to collect the sample yourself you can bring the kit and the request form to our lab in central London (Oxford Circus – the laboratoty address and a map are provided on the laboratory form that you will receive inside the kit). A nurse will take a blood sample for you or you can make your own arrangements with a healthcare professional, capable of taking the sample locally and post the sample to our lab in the prepaid envelope.

*(alternatively a sample from a vein can be taken by a healthcare professional)

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