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In early childhood Eczema is a first sign of atopy. Damage to the skin opens up the gates to infection as we sensitise to environmental allegens and food (as shown in recent research studies).


Association between childhood wheezing, respiratory infections and asthma requires attention of a specialist as early in life as possible. Allergy testing, breathing tests and very often treatment is needed.

Food allergy

In babies and young children the main food allergens include milk, egg, soya, shellfish, nuts and wheat. Unlike in adults food allergies can manifest not only as swellings and rashes, but as eczema.


In children and adolescents problems with the nose and eyes can have an impact on learning and performance at school. Well known atopic March can be stopped with the right treatment.

Insect allergy

This is one of the most dangerous allergies. If there is a reaction to stinging insects it is very important to see an allergy specialist as life-saving desensitisation treatment is available.


Raised itchy rashes and swellings can be very bothersome. This condition, in the majority of cases is linked to release of histamine from mast cells and its effect on blood vessels and nerves.


Is a severe allergic reaction that results in massive release of histamine in the body. Symptoms include drop in blood pressure, because fluid gets distributed to arms and legs, and possible swellings and rashes. This situation requires immediate emergency response. Allergy consultants can help to determine what caused this condition and help to avoid it in future.

Drug allergy

It is very important to get clear understanding if a rash in early childhood was caused by a virus or is a sign of severe allergy to medication used at the time. Having a label of drug allergy if the diagnosis was not established can limit the choice of medication in future. Allergy specialist can help to make a definitive diagnosis.

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