How we can help treat your allergies

If you need an urgent appointment we will do our best to arrange a consultation on the same day. Please register as a new patient before calling 02031433449 to save time on the phone.

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  • Appointments

    London Allergy & Immunology Centre offers appointments with allergy and immunology consultants at our Harley street Allergy Clinic, London.

    Video appointments are available.

  • Expert Care

    Consultants in London Harley Street Allergy Centre provide expertise for adults and children based on the latest scientific evidence and research.

  • Comprehensive Testing

    We offer selection of more than 600 allergy tests including food & aero allergens and have specialists on hand to help with your treatment.
    We have a range of tests that can be done remotely, some tests may need to be arranged in the clinic.

  • Nationwide Cover

    London Allergy & Immunology Centre can test for allergies UK wide. Offering tests in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Self Testing Kits

    We have developed a new way of remote testing with simple self collection kits for patients unable to attend our clinic. Simply complete our online survey and we will send you a self collection kit in the post.

  • Food Allergies

    We can diagnose food related problems: cows milk allergy, nut allergies. We can investigate the cause of anaphylactic reaction to food or suspected allergic reaction to medication using a challenge test.

  • Medically Proven

    In our Allergy Clinic we use only validated and scientifically proven allergy and asthma tests and treatments and can help with a wide range of allergic and non-allergic conditions.

  • Holiday & Travel Cover

    Experts of Global Allergy Network of Excellence in our Centres make the continuity of your treatment easier, when you travel you can get support form our partners, continue your specific immunotherapy allergy shots in participating centres.

Allergy testing clinic, The London Allergy and Immunology Centre provides IgE Allergy Testing in remote regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

(A blood sample in the post service)

Our Allergy Consultants in London in Harley Street Allergy Clinic, City of London Allergy Clinic and East London Allergy Clinic, South London Allergy Clinic and North London Allergy Clinic are always happy to help.

We can test for a selection of more than 600 allergens including food allergens (peanut allergy, pet allergy, milk allergy) and inhalant (birch allergy, grass allergy, house dust mite allergy, cat allergy, dog allergy, horse allergy), we also test for gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance by genetic tests.

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