LAIC Allergy Clinic

LAIC UK allergy clinic in the London Allergy and Immunology Centre provides care for adults and children with allergic conditions.
Harley Street Allergy Clinic

City of London Allergy Clinic

East London Allergy Clinic
Our allergy clinic offers multidisciplinary help of allergy, immunology, paediatric allergy. We offer advice from immunology consultants as well as extensive dermatology services.

London Allergy and Immunology centre offers appointments in the allergy clinic.

LAIC doctors can help with hay fever and asthma among the main conditions there are food allergy, food intolerance to milk and gluten. wheat allergy and exercise induced reactions, asthma and sinusitis, aspirin sensitivity.

In LAIC UKallergy clinic we perform diagnostic test and tolerance induction (desensitisation) treatment to aspirin and other drugs, antibiotics and narcosis media and muscle relaxants .

For many patients in the allergy clinic we can arrange treatment for hay fever and allergic asthma sub-lingual immunotherapy for adults and children.

Our consultants in the UKallergy clinic are well trained and maintain the highest level of professional knowledge, they provide teaching sessions to practitioners in primary care and GP’s nurses and technicians.

Our colleagues from Global Allergy Network around the world can help to continue treatment in their allergy clinics as well as we are accept patients for continuation of allergy care when they are visiting UK in the London Allergy and Immunology Centre.

A range of allergy tests can be offered for self paying patients and those who have private medical insurance. Some screening tests can be done in advance of consultation – Component allergy test ISAC, tests for lactose and gluten intolerance.

Please see addressed and direction of our clinics

1) London Allergy and Immunology Centre @ Harley Street Medical Centre

2) London Allergy and Immunology Centre @ City Medical Centre

3) London Allergy and Immunology Centre @ East London Independent Hospital

Allergy clinic for children and adults

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