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The ImmunoCAP ISAC IgE Allergy Test


  • One blood test can identify allergies to as many as 112 different food and aero-allergens


We offer at home allergy testing for patients across the UK; complete the online questionnaire and if the consultant decides you would benefit from a blood test, a kit will be send to your home. After you send the blood sample back to the laboratory, the results are analysed by an allergy consultant and your personal allergy report will be sent to you.

This programme allows you to get the same comprehensive allergy testing wherever you live in the UK, whether it’s in a remote village in Scotland or in central London. Our testing comes with a thorough review of your test results and symptom questionnaire by our London-based specialist allergy consultants, who will write to your GP with the results and suggestions. Or, if you wish, you can always come to see our specialists in London.



Video instructions for sample collection from a finger prick for blood allergy test:


How to have this test done:

If you are in London and want to be seen by an allergy consultant, or if you want your child or baby to be seen by our paediatric allergy consultant, please book an appointment on-line or call 020 314 33449.

If you live far away from London, or for any reason cannot attend a face-to face appointment at our Harley Street clinic, please start by filling in our ISAC allergy symptoms questionnaire, which will be reviewed by one of our specialist allergy consultants. If our consultants recommend that you need an allergy test, you will need to pay the invoice for the testing, you will receive by e-mail after you send your questionnaire. You will then receive a sample collection pack from the lab (as shown in the video) or, if you opted for a collection in London, you can attend the lab with the printed request form for sample collection (the request form will be sent by e-mail after your payment).

Finger prick collection is not suitable for small children and babies. In these cases, the sample needs to be taken by a trained healthcare professional (our lab can provide the necessary materials on request if you are located at a distance from London), or in London you can attend the lab with our form where the sample will be collected Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

Your personal test report will be ready up to 2 weeks after you send the sample back to the laboratory. The results will be reviewed by one of our specialist allergy consultants in conjunction with your questionnaire answers. The results and recommendations will then sent to both you and to your GP (if you opted for this in the questionnaire).

If you have any further questions or would like a consultation, treatment, or if any problems are identified throughout the testing process, we would be happy to book you an appointment with one of our allergy specialists.




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