Allergy Research Global Collaboration

London Allergy and Immunology Centre with centres of Global Allergy Network provide important opportunities in allergy research to pharmaceutical industry.  New drug development can be facilitated by clinical trials starting from first in human.

Our consultants have significant experience in clinical research. They are involved in clinical research projects in adult and paediatric allergy.

Leasing Allergy consultants provide expertise in Allergy research

Allergy Research in London and Europe

Clinical trials are fascinating for many research doctors as they get a chance to influence the future of medicine.  Excellent skills in performing procedures outlined in trial’s protocol can mean a lot for generating good quality results. Training and self-education are  constant processes in our Centre.

Our researches are dedicated to excellence in all what they do. We provide full scope of services starting from advice on the trial’s concept, research conferences with our investigators, drafting  protocols, to statistical analysis of data, writing and submitting manuscript for publication.

Leading researchers of Global Allergy Network:

London Allergy and Immunology Centre:

Dr Michael Rudenko, Dr Robert Boyle, Dr Andrew Clark, Dr Katya Burova

University Hospital Zurich:

Professor Peter Schmid Grendelmeier

Dermatology and Allergy Charite Berlin:

Professor Marcus Maurer

Allergy and Asthma Centre Westend Berlin:

Dr Jörg Kleine-Tebbe


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