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Dr. Enson Cherian Thomas MD FRCP
Chest Medicine Consultant Pulmonology
(internal medicine)


Respiratory medicine – pulmonology is a discipline that aims at diagnosing, treating and managing problems affecting lungs and airways.

Our experienced consultant treats a wide range of respiratory complaints with symptoms including shortness of breath, persistent cough, chest discomfort and snoring.

The respiratory expert works closely with leading consultants across a number of medical specialties, including allergy and clinical immunology ear, nose and throat (ENT) providing the multidisciplinary care and respiratory expertise.

Our diagnostic facilities test for a range of respiratory disorders, helping to diagnose faster and arrange treatment for you.

The respiratory physician treats a wide range of respiratory complaints with symptoms including shortness of breath, persistent cough, chest discomfort and snoring. They also help diagnose, treat and manage lung disease and lung cancer.

More about respiratory medicine Consultant Respiratory Physician Specialist in Respiratory medicine: Chest Lung specialist.

Our respiratory department at the Harley Street Allergy Clinic Asthma and Sleep Medicine uses the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques to support the health and function of  lungs

The Harley Street’s leading respiratory and allergy experts deliver the highest quality of care for a range of lung conditions.

The Harley Street Allergy Clinic Asthma and Sleep Medicine offers initial tests or ongoing management of an existing condition. Chronic cough, acute cough, asthma, chest problems, lung disease, COPD, bronchiectasis, lung infection, Non COVID-19 pneumonia.


Respiratory specialists treat a wide range of respiratory and lung disorders from persistent coughs and asthma to lung disease and lung cancer. We also work with a team of thoracic surgeons who offer open and minimally invasive surgery for conditions that affect the lungs.

Diagnosis and treatment using the latest technology and techniques are available for common and non-life-threatening respiratory conditions

Our multidisciplinary team of experts treat a wide range of respiratory conditions, having access to leading tests and treatments.

Our appointment team will arrange an appointment for selected consultant.

Diagnosis and treatment of your cough, including chronic cough.  Our experts can arrange tests for allergy, asthma, infection and stomach problems in Harley Street.

London Allergy and Immunology Centre’s chest clinic offers a comprehensive assessment of your cough


A full medical history and examination, Cough severity assessment, Breathing tests (Spirometry), Exhaled Nitric Oxide measurement, Skin prick allergy testing (with interpretation by allergy consultant), IgE allergy testing  (with interpretation by allergy consultant), if required referral to other specialists experts.


We diagnose and treat these and many more respiratory illnesses

Cough, Breathlessness, Wheeze, Asthma, COPD, Emphysema, Bronchiectasis, Non COVID 19 pneumonia and lung infections, Acute and chronic bronchitis, Sarcoidoisis


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Biography: Dr Enson Cherian Thomas MD FRCP Chest Medicine Consultant Pulmonology (internal medicine)

I have been working as Consultant Respiratory and General Physician at Bedford Hospital from December 2002. For the last several years I am also the clinical lead for Respiratory Services. Since then I was involved in developing the Respiratory services at Bedford Hospital. The service developments include the following:

  1. Establishment of Lung Cancer Services including Lung Cancer MDT,
  2. Commencement of NIV service and recently the setting up of monitored beds,
  3. Setting up of fully staffed Lung Function Lab providing full lung function studies, diagnostic sleep studies, Bronchial Provocation studies, Flight assessment and exhaled Nitric Oxide measurement,
  4. Setting up of Pleural Ultrasound and outpatient pleural service,
  5. Integrated COPD service,
  6. Skin prick tests and anti IgE service,
  7. Respiratory Nursing service and
  8. COPD, severe Asthma, ILD and Hyperinflation MDT

In addition to this we have a full-fledged TB service and are in the process of setting up an ILD service. We are also a post graduate training hospital and have 3 Registrars on the firm, 2 of which are in training posts. I played a key role in the mentoring and development of Dr Amer Saleem, whom we later appointed as a Locum Consultant Physician at our hospital.


 As part of my postgraduate training in India I conducted a study on ‘Pulmonary functions during sleep in patients of COPD’. This was submitted and accepted as part of the requirement towards my M.D. degree.

During my training I was involved in a study to investigate the optimum dose of salbutamol for the treatment of acute exacerbations of COPD admitted to hospital. This was accepted as a poster presentation at the European Respiratory Society annual congress, 2002, Stockholm and later published in the CHEST.

I have been a principal investigator for several large multicenter, multinational clinical trials.


 A Randomized Controlled Trial To Assess the Optimal Dose and Effect of Nebulised Albuterol in Acute Exacerbations of COPD – Suresh Nair, Enson Thomas, Stanley B. Pearson and Michael T. Henry – Chest 2005;128;48-54.

Petousi N, Mathew J, Thomas EC. A patient presenting with generalised lymphadenopathy – sarcoidosis, lymphoma or tuberculosis? –

BMJ Case Reports 2012;10.1136/bcr.11.2011.5150.

Petousi N, Thomas EC: Interferon-β-induced pulmonary sarcoidosis in a 30-year-old woman treated for multiple sclerosis: a case report

J Med Case Rep 2012, 6(1):344

Saleem A, Thomas EC, Wilkinson A et al: Bilateral Miliary Shadowing on Chest X-ray

Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 2013, Vol. 23 (12): 902-903

Tariq SM, Thomas EC: Maintenance therapy in COPD: time to phase out ICS and switch to the new LAMA/LABA inhalers?

International Journal of COPD 2017:12 1–6

The following  papers were presented at the BTOG:

  1. EGFR mutational testing in non-squamous lung cancer: 12 months experience from a Cancer Unit in UK

V.Bulusu, Y.Jeffs, S.Jessop, O-P Kwame, E.Thomas, A.Egan, P.Hicks, M.Azher

  1. Lung Cancer in patients older than 75 years- referral pathways, interventions and outcomes: experience from a cancer unit

Y.Jeffs, K.Adu-Poko, M.Azher, A.Egan, P.Hicks, E.Thomas, T.Broadhurst, V.Bulusu

  1. Lung nodule surveillance programme (LNSP) in a Cancer unit: Lung cancer team experience from Bedford Hospital, UK

Jeffs Y P, Hicks P, Jessop S, Egan A, Azher M, Thomas E, Adu-Poku K, Bulusu V R.

  1. Pemetrexed and Carboplatin (PC) doublet in advanced non squamous Non-small cell lung cancer. Real life experience from a Cancer Unit.

Jessop S, Jeffs Y P, Adu-Poku K, Thomas E, Azher M, Hicks P, Egan A, Bulusu V R



 I have been actively involved in teaching and training throughout my career starting from my days as a Houseman. This has continued to date and I am regularly involved in teaching and training medical students from Cambridge, foundation trainees, core medical trainees, GP trainees, nurses, GP’s and Specialist Registrars. I regularly teach on the Foundation core teaching programme and tutorials for the Cambridge medical students.

I have been a ‘Recognized Clinical Teacher’ for the University of Cambridge from March 2006 and the Under Graduate Specialty Tutor in Medicine from January 2011.

I have worked as an ‘Educational Supervisor’ for the Foundation training programme and our Specialist Registrars. This has helped me to have a very useful insight and knowledge into Foundation training and its management. As a result I am now able to provide appropriate leadership to medical education.

Expert in: Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), Sleep Disorders, Non – COVID 19 pneumonia

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