Allergy and Asthma consultations on Private  Medical Insurance,

If you have some form of private health insurance you should check with your insurance company that your appointment with allergy consultants Dr Michael Rudenko, Dr Robert Boyle or Dr Andrew Clark in Cambridge is covered by your policy and liaise closely with them throughout.

How can you find out if you’re covered by insurance?

If you know you have an insurance policy you need to get in touch with your medical insurance provider. Corporate policy holders should contact their Human Resources department to direct them to the correct insurance channel.

Your insurer will advise you of the excess on the policy that will need to be paid. The insurer will also issue you with an authorisation code.

For outpatient appointments and treatment, you will need to bring the valid authorisation number to the appointment. Without this authorisation number, you will be personally liable for the costs of the consultation and any other treatment.

Should your insurance company be unable to settle your bill or only settles it in part, we will have to ask you for the outstanding amount.

All consultants in London Allergy and Immunology Centre are registered with main private insurance companies.

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To claim you private insurance please obtain authorisation number to see one of our consultants of your choice.

You may require to get a referral letter from your GP please ask to fax it to:

Fax 02 03 14 33 409

You can book your appointment online

You can register and book a convenient appointment with our consultants  on-line following 4 EASY steps  :

  1. Register (Create an account HERE) 
  2. Confirm registration by clicking on the link in your e-mail and log in
  3. Select specialist from the list in the menu
  1. Select hospital and then, date and time from the calendar

Some insurance companies require you to pay for your consultation first and claim based on receipts.

Please Note:
If you require Skin prick (allergy) testing please avoid antihistamine tablets for 48 hours (as antihistamine tablets interfere with results of SPT),  if it is not possible please let the consultant know during the consultation.

If you don’t keep your appointment and/or don’t cancel it by e-mail or phone 24h in advance there will be LATE  CANCELLATION CHARGE that you have agreed to pay by accepting terms and condition.

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