Allergy tests Glasgow and Edinburgh

Team of experts in the London Allergy and Immunology Centre can now offer a comprehensive allergy test in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Allergy tests Glasgow and Edinburgh are covering 112 food and airborne allergenic components in one ISAC chip. (List of allergens is predefined and can not be changed)

Samples that can be collected by patients themselves from a finger prick and sent in the post to our laboratory in London.

It takes around two weeks to get this comprehensive test done, our allergy consultants will review results against questionnaire that are completed prior to the test online and if the patient consents will provide results to GP.

This test is done in our lab in Londoncan now be ordered now with allergy consultant’s review.

Please follow Request and allergy test link for more information on Glasgow and Edinborough allergy testing.


We have introduced allergy tests Glasgow and Edinburgh, to help allergy sufferers in Scotland with access to comprehensive diagnostic allergy tests in areas where specialist allergy service is limited by sending blood sample to London.

If patients wish to travel  or are visiting London, in our allergy centre we offer expertise of our Allergy and Immunology consultants and more than 400 allergy tests in our London Centre.

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