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Topical Olopatadine in the Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis

A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

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Students with food allergies are being isolated and targeted at school, and even teased with the very foods that can be life-threatening.

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Blockade of histamine receptors suppresses intestinal anaphylaxis in peanut allergy

Simultaneous pre-treatment with antihistamines that block both the H1 and H4 antihistamine receptors suppressed the gastrointestinal symptoms of food allergy in mice, according to researchers at National Jewish Health. The findings, published online in the journal Allergy, provide new insight into the development of food allergy and suggest potential therapies for prevention and treatment of food allergy.

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Vaccination Meningitis

Vaccination Meningitis

There are currently over 3,000 cases of meningitis and septicaemia every year in the UK and the effects are devastating.

Meningitis is swelling of the Meninges; the protective membranes of the brain and spinal cord, the inflammation usually results from either a bacterial or viral infection. Sepsis or Septicaemia is blood poisoning and the body’s over-reaction to the infection.

Meningococcal Group B is the most common cause of Meningitis and the vaccine is now available on the NHS with a vaccination programme starting with the youngest and most at risk. There is a very successful campaign running to try and make this vaccine available to all children up to the age of 11 (although personally I would like teenagers to be covered for Meningitis B as well). However there is  currently a shortage of this vaccine meaning that it is only being offered to very young babies, who are statistically the most likely to succumb to the disease. The vaccines are available privately, but are very expensive.

The Meningitis B vaccine and the other meningitis vaccinations that your baby will receive will still not cover all strains of the disease and so it is vitally important that you remain vigilant and learn how to spot symptoms early.

Older children are now being routinely vaccinated against Meningitis C and from September 2015 onwards teenagers are being vaccinated against Meningitis ACW and Y. Since 2009 there has been a steady increase in cases of Meningitis W. The same bacteria that cause Meningitis ABCW and Y are also found in the back of the nose and throat and teenagers are at a high risk of transmitting the bacteria through kissing.


Written by Emma Hammett for First Aid for Life

Wasp Bee Venom Allergy

Wasp Bee Venom Allergy Be aware

It might be serious! But there is a treatment available. Don’t take a chance.
Wasp stings are common, especially during the warmer months when people are outside for prolonged periods….
Wasp venom allergy
Venom allergy can claim lives. If you had a reaction to wasp or bee stings please see your doctor and have a tests done as it might be serious. There is life saving treatment that might be indicated in some patients.
Terri Clay Gill on Facebook: “As most of you know my 26 year old son Ezra Clay was stung by a wasp on top of his head the morning of July 20th. He passed away the same evening. He was not allergic so it drove me crazy wondering how a wasp can take out a 6’5 250lb. man. I researched wasp stings and found out that when you are stung it lowers your resistance and creates an allergy. Ezra’s Direct TV coworkers informed me that prior to this sting, he was stung 4 times in a month. The 5th being fatal. I miss my son very much and I felt I needed to share this information to get it out there so that people are aware. Please take a moment to share this so that we can all raise awareness. Thank you. In loving memory of Ezra ?”

Component allergy test to wasp/bee venoms available in our centre


£ 216.00 LAIC Venom Profile

rApi m 1 (phospholipase A2, Honey Bee)
rVes v 1 (phospholipase A1, Common Wasp)
rPol d 5 (European Paper Wasp)
rVes v 5 (Common Wasp)
Paper Wasp
Common Wasp
Honey Bee
Yellow Hornet


Adrenalin in schools and public places

Please support  e-petition to make adrenaline available in schools and public places like defibrillators. Save lives Stop anaphylaxis! Right treatment in the right time can save many people.

London Allergy and Immunology Centre


Sign the petition

Petition to Parliament was written by Vicky Cuming Google+ and is in the categoryHuman Rights at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , ,,

Petition Background (Preamble):

15th October 2011 was the day I lost one of the loves of my life. He’s called Harry Cuming aged 10 years, loved by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was an uncontrolled asthmatic and also had food allergies. He was pin prick tested in 2008 and was positive to iodine, various nuts including peanuts, seafood, horses, cats and tree pollen. He was prescribed piriton.We, as parents, thought the consultants knew best. His (as we thought) asthma attacks where getting worse, with more admissions into hospital, they could of been anyphylactic reactions too. The weekend before he died he was in hospital and we, as parents, pleaded with the consultant to reassess Harry’s meds as we believed they where making him worse. When asked about his allergies the doctors thought Piriton was enough.It didn’t help that night. We were alone, watching him die. The paramedics didn’t think of anyphylactic connection to a known asthmatic. What is asthma? Yes, an allergic reaction to a foreign body!

So many people need to have adrenaline to hand, if needed. It’s a life saver. I can’t believe in hindsight after the information given at a very detailed inquest, that we were not told this. It’s a massive let down and I’m not going to let this happen any more.

More information on asthma, allergy & anaphylaxis is available at


If we had an auto-injector available, it is highly likely that I would have my first born boy here today. Harry was 10 years old when he died.With increasing frequency we read newspaper reports of children and young people who have died from anaphylaxis after eating snacks, takeaways or restaurant meals and 20% of allergic reactions happen during school hours. Yet auto-injectors are prescription only. I believe an auto-injector should be part of every first aid kit in restaurants, schools and public places and should be available over the counter from pharmacies. It doesn’t take an expert to administer an auto-injector and a shot of adrenaline can’t do any harm – as long as the auto-injector is to hand.Please help my petition, this needs to change.
100,000 signatures needed.

Many thanks

The Accessible EpiPens petition to Parliament was written by Vicky Cuming Google+ and is in the categoryHuman Rights at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , ,,

Eczema Atopic Dermatitis Antihistamines

Eczema Atopic Dermatitis Antihistamines

The Role of Histamine H1 and H4 Receptors in Atopic Dermatitis: From Basic Research to Clinical Study

Eczema Atopic Dermatitis Antihistamines

Allergology International
Vol. 63 (2014) No. 4 p. 533-542


Histamine plays important roles in inflammation and nervous irritability in allergic disorders, including atopic dermatitis (AD). It has been shown to regulate the expression of pruritic factors, such as nerve growth factor and semaphorin 3A, in skin keratinocytes via histamine H1 receptor (H1R).

Hay fever treatment

Winter is the right time to start allergy treatment in the London Allergy and Immunology Centre and get maximum effect before this Hay Fever season. (there are indications and contraindications). Make an appointment with our consultants online or call 02031433449

Specific Immunotherapy – Allergy Desensitisation Treatment in London: Sublingual SLIT

Sub-lingual Hay fever treatment tablet is recommended by FDA Panel for Timothy Grass Allergy

Start of sub-lingual immunotherapy in the US

The Allergenic Products Committee of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted unanimously to recommend Timothy Grass Pollen Allergen Extract Tablet for Sublingual Use

Patients begin treatment 12 weeks before and continue throughout the grass pollen season. The first dose is given at the healthcare provider’s office; all other doses are taken at home.

The vote follows a discussion of data from five phase 1 studies, two phase 2 studies, six phase 3 studies, and 2 studies identified as phase 4 European studies.


All studies included patients with concomitant asthma, but none included patients with severe or unstable asthma.

Additional Studies Needed

The committee members would like to see additional studies, particularly in patients with asthma and those in various racial groups, as well as long-term studies of efficacy and safety. None of the studies discussed today included patients older than 65 years.

“We do need some studies on different racial groups,” said voting committee member Jane Peterson, RN, PhD, professor emeritus of nursing and anthropology, Seattle University College of Nursing in Washington.

“In addition to studies for persistent asthma for safety, I would like to suggest studies of efficacy for seasonal asthma,” said voting committee member Michelle Lierl, MD, adjunct professor of pediatrics, Division of Allergy/Immunology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio.

The advisory committee members have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

FDA Allergenic Products Committee Meeting. December 12, 2013.

Allergy in Europe Europe’s Leading Patient and Academic Groups urge the EU to Tackle Burden of Allergic Disease.

 Allergy in Europe Europe’s Leading Patient and Academic Groups urge the EU to Tackle Burden of Allergic Disease.
Written Declaration on Allergies

European Parliament Written Declaration
Europe’s Leading Patient and Academic Groups urge the EU to Tackle Burden of Allergic Disease.
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