Allergy testing anywhere in the UK with interpretation by our doctors

ISAC Allergy test can be done with self sample collection anywhere in the UK

Blood allergy test ISAC London

ISAC is a blood allergy test for specific IgE (RAST) to 112 food and aero-allergens  all in one test with results in 7-10 days reviewed by our Allergy Consultant

We will need a tiny blood sample from your finger or vein (our laboratory provides all collection materials, special postal container and prepaid envelope) – sent to you in the post after the payment of the invoice.

Video how to collect a sample

(In London you can attend our lab where a blood sample will be collected)

If you are interested in having this test done please fill in ISAC symptom questionnaire that will be used by our doctors to assess if you may benefit from this test and interpret results after the test (you will be recommended to have this test done only if our doctors will think that it may be beneficial in your situation).ImmunoCAP-ISAC_LAIC

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