Clinical Trials in Allergy and Immunology in London

Consultants in The London Allergy and Immunology Centre provide their expertise in clinical trials in Allergy and Immunology.

Experienced in Phase 1-3 clinical trials consultants specialise in paediatric and adult allergy and immunology, dermatology, asthma will conduct clinical trials for your company.

Clinical trials in Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Clinical trials in Allergy and Immunology

We are ready to discuss proposals for multi-centre trials involving our parters from Global Allergy Network in the UK, Germany, Switzerland etc.

We are providing full range of services in set to set up a clinical trial: in review of proposals, writing protocols, ethics submission, MHRA submissions.

Our partners orrer high quality facilities for biomedical research that are equipped and licences according to requirements. Research staff is highly trained and conduct all activities according to GCP and ethical principles. Clinical trials unit can be used for providing food and drug challenges, overnight monitoring in asthma clinical trials and has special monitoring systems.

Dedicated recruitment team will provide required range of participants with the researched conditions. Research pharmacy and laboratory services are adjusted to specific needs of the particular trial.

Research and development is a priority goal for our centre that we work closely with leading pharmaceutical companies to conduct research

We are open for new projects and will encourage collaboration with industry to improve care of patients with allergic conditions.

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