Allergy appointment on Private Insurance How to choose a right cover?

Travelling with food allergy? How to find and compare nut allergy travel insurance

Suffering from an allergic reaction on holiday is horrible enough; but it’s even worse if your travel insurance won’t payout for treatment. Here’s how to make sure that you are safe.
Before you start to travel with food allergy?

  1. If you were prescribed an adrenaline/epinephrine auto-injector make sure to refresh your knowledge on when and how to use it. A a pharmacist or a nurse at your GP surgery.
  2. Make sure that your adrenaline pen is up to date, take a letter that will allow to take it on-board in hand luggage.
  3. Have an medic alert bracelet or an emergency card stating what you are allergic to and that you require adrenaline injection in case of reaction.
  4. Make sure you have a supply of antihistamines (over the counter cetirizine) or prescription equivalents.
  5. If you are travelling to a foreign country and you don’t speak the local language. Make sure that you translate and print a list all foods that you are allergic to!

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