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Allergy Consultants and  Locations

Harley Street Allergy Clinic

City of London Allergy Clinic

East London Allergy Clinic
Dr Rudenko founded London Allergy and Immunology Centre in 2011 as a single practice. It is grown into multidisciplinary friendly team of Allergy,Immunology, Dermatology, ENT and Paediatric consultants (Dr Rudenko, Dr Boyle, Dr Clark, Dr Burova, Prof Dhillon), covering large area in the UK around London, Oxford and Cambridge.

Adult and Paediatic Allergy, Clinical Immunology, Dermatology, ENT in London (Harley St, Fitzroy Square Warran street, City,  East London), Gatwick, Cambridge

Doctors and Clinics: Allergy Asthma Dermatology Immunology ENT and Paeditrics:

Michael Rudenko MD PhD FAAAAI | allergy & asthma | immunology |

02 03 14 33 44 9

Harley Street Medical Centre 27 Harley Street W1G 8QP – adults and children 8 y.o. and up
Fitzroy Square Hospital  14 Fitzroy Square W1G 6AH   – adults
City Medical Hospital  17 St. Helen’s Place EC3A 6GD  – adults
London Independent Hospital  1 Beamount Square E1 4NL  – adults and children 3 y.o. and up




Dr_R_Boyle_London_Allergy_and_Immunology_CentreDr Robert Boyle | paediatric allergy & asthma | paediatric immunology | paediatric infectious diseases |

 02 03 14 33 44 6

St. Mary’s Hospital Paddington  (Lindo wing)  128 Praed St London  W2 1RH – babies and children
Harley Street Clinic 83 Harley Street London  W1G 8PP – babies and children
New Malden Diagnostic Centre 171 Clarence Avenue  New Malden, Surrey KT3 3TX – babies and children



Dr Andrew Clark | paediatric allergy | food allergy & asthma | immunology |


01 22 32 69 21 6

Cambridge Lea Hospital 30 New road, Impington, Cambridge CB24 9EL – babies and children




Dr_Burova_London_Allergy_and_Immunology_CentreDr Katya Burova PhD | dermatology |

 02 03 14 33 44 7

Fitzroy Square Hospital BMI 14 Fitzroy Square W1G 6AH   – adults
Manor Hospital Church End Biddenham Bedford MK40 4AW – adults
Harley Street Clinic  78 Harley Street London W1G 7HJ – adults and children 3 y.o. and up
Saxon Clinic BMI Chadwick Drive Eaglestone West  Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire  MK6 5LR – adults and children 3 y.o. and up





Prof_Dhillon_London_Allergy_and_Immunology_CentreProfessor Ram Dhillon | ENT ear nose throat |

 02 03 14 33 44 8

Princess Grace Hospital 42-52 Nottingham Place London, W1U 5NY – adults and children 3 y.o. and up
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