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Here is what our patients have to say about their treatment...

  • "Very knowledgeable, answered all questions, reassurance given" (Patient G age: 31-45)
  • "Knowledgeable with various conditions and very proactive positive caring approach to addressing my conditions (patient H age: 31-45)
  • "Exceptionally helpful and considerate. Took the time to explain things – but not in a patronising way. A delight to meet such a charming gentlemen (Patient H age: 46-60)
  • "Wonderful! Miracle Men – I Love him. No one else in 20 years has never found what I am allergic to. Thank you."(Patient S age: 31-45)
  • "Very good bedside manners, explained everything in a language that could be understood wet over tings again to help me understand." (Patient B age: 61-75)
  • "Doctor was professional in his approach. He appeared knowledgeable in this field." (Patient C age: 46-60)
  • "I am extremely happy with the outcome of my condition. Dr Rudenko was very professional and has cured my condition. I was experiencing problems that my GP could not cure." (Patient J age: 46-60)
  • "Explained all my options and possible reasons for my concerns" (Patient D age: 16-30)
  • "Very understanding and helpful" (Patient S age: 16-30)
  • "Information is clear and concise, good manners, friendly" (Patient T age:16-30
  • "Doctor was nice didn’t have to wait around felt comfortable." (Patient B age: 16-30)
  • "The doctor and nurse were very helpful" (Patient K age: 31-45)
  • "Consultation quick and clear + efficient (Patient R age: 61-75)
  • "The doctor was very attentive to my description of my symptoms." (Patient L age: 16-30)
  • "Very nice manner, helpful, clear, happy to explore all possible avenues to help." (Patient P 16-30)
  • "V. pleased with all consultations/ advice/ treatment All fully explained in a way I fully understood"
  • "Very informative di not lease me feeling rushed, overall fell confident that I was receiving an outcome to issues" (Patient A age: 16-30)
  • "Very good bedside manners, explained everything in a language that could be understood wet over tings again to help me understand." (Patient B age: 61-75)
  • "Very helpful and informative Testing only took 15 min very quick and efficient. Clearly explained results" (Patient T age: 16-30)
  • "The doctor was very polite and friendly. He was very reassuring and explained everything very clearly" (Patient R age: 31-45)
  • "The doctor was extremely professional and explained things clearly. I feel I understand my condition better and am extremely satisfied with the outcome." (Patient F age: 31-45)
  • "The test was clearly explained and I was offered various treatments for my conditions and many different options." (Patient O age: 16-30)
  • "Excellent, patient, thorough – explained well and listened" (Patient L age:31-45)

London Allergy & Immunology Centre Testing Clinic for Allergy UK wide: in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

Consultants in London Harley Street Allergy Centre

Selection of more than 600 allergy tests food & aero allergens


Harley Street Allergy Clinic

City of London Allergy Clinic

East London Allergy Clinic

Make an appointment with allergy consultant online We test for Allergy UK wide:  testing in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

London Allergy and Immunology Centre provides expertise of allergy, immunology, dermatology, ENT and paediatrics consultants directly to patients.

We developed a new way of remote testing for allergy UK wide with allergy consultant’s review.


We use only validated and scientifically proven allergy and asthma tests and treatments and can help with a wide range of allergic and non-allergic conditions.  We can diagnose food related problems: cows milk allergy, nut allergy, investigate the cause of anaphylactic reaction to food of suspected allergic reaction to medication in challenge test.

We treat patients with allergic asthma and hay fever with sensitisation to aero-allergens:  pollen, house dust mite  and use desensitisation methods.  In asthma treatment we have access to new technology, we diagnose and treat allergic and non-allergic asthma in adults and children.

Baby Milk Allergy UK

Our doctors are highly qualified and maintain highest standards of professional development, participate in teaching and research activities. There are a lot of scientific projects in collaboration with our partners clinicians and researchers in Europe and the US – members of European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology EAACI and American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology AAAAI

Experts of Global Allergy Network of Excellence in our Centres make the continuity of  your treatment easier, when you travel you can get support form our partners, continue your specific immunotherapy allergy shots in participating centres.

Sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherpapy

Allergy Sh

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